MAR 2019

Lara & Adena – Elective students from the UK
















After staying for 2 short months at your beautiful place, which feels now like a second home to me.

It is finally time to say     GOODBYE!!

Thank you very much for your hospitality and help!

You made me feel welcome from the very first moment of my stay.

Whether I needed transport ( tuk tuk,van , taxi, train or bus) a tailor or accommodation in a different town. I always count on you to help me.

Especially I want to compliment you for the delicious food! It’s the best Sri Lankan food that I had and not a single restaurant could match the quality and taste of it – I’m definitely going to miss it during the rest of my trip, although not as much as I will miss you all.

I hope that I will be able to come back to Sri Lanka and visit my second home too…


Medical Student from Austria….




Thank you so much for your lovely and warm welcoming in your guest house!!

We really enjoyed your smiles in the morning, afternoon & evening!

Your food with delicious flavors will forever be in our memories.

I wish we could bring it home!!!

Job & Renee






We are very happy that you marked our first encounter with Sri Lankan hospitality!!

You definitely set the bar very high. Serving us your English breakfast with a bright smile on the garden underneath the fruit and pepper trees started our days in the possible way.

Your advice concerning tourist sites and how to handle negotiations with tuk tuk drivers were very valuable and your detailed directions led us right to our destinations.

The only fault we made was having dinner here only on the day we left, because the calmari cooked in garlic and ginger were such a delicious delight that we are certain to come back for a Sri Lankan dinner soon…

Daniel & Ben

Medical Students





After almost one week stay, we are very satisfied about almost   everything.

The nice and clean apartment, the delicious meals served in the  garden under the trees and the help of you two.

We wish you and your family many happy guests and hope to visit you again in future.

Mr.& Ms. De Vlass,

Author of “ Plants of Sri Lanka”


Johan Linoberg – Sweden – February 2013


“During my two week stay here i always felt as if i could run a marathon every morning after breakfast. Could Sri Lankans be the most freindly people on earth? i do believe so. you have made my stay so easy and so welcoming….
The words of Tina Turner… Simply the  Best… “



Pierre-Maxime & Pauline – Lille, France – Nov 2011

“As a lot of your guests have said before us, you are a very welcoming, generous family. […] The room was very spacious, well-kept and we certainly had the best balcony view so far in Sri Lanka. […] You made us feel like home and took care of us a lot […] 

Thank you for the dinner, you provide us every evening. It was really tasty and we could discover the real taste  of sri lankan home food.”


Micheal – Kent, UK – Oct 2010

“Thank you so much for all you have done for me during my three months with you…  A loving, kind, generous and hard working family like you deserve only the happiest times […]”


Dr. Samanmali – Sri Lanka -July 2010

“Your annex meant to us not only a room. It was a total shelty with caring, responsible and loving household. Thank you very much for everything you did for us during our stay with you. […]”

Karen – Edimburg, Scotland – Sept 2009

“I have had a really happy month in my rest among the tree tops!! Thank you so much for all your help, your kindness and for being such a nice family: I am just sorry I had so little time to get to know you all better, next time!!!”

Matthias – Switzerland – March 2006

“You have been so welcoming to us and have made me feel at home. Thank you for your lovely breakfast and all the time you warmed food for us, that was very kind […]”

“You welcomed me into your family and treated me like one of your own. You took very good care of me, helped me whenever I could not handle things by myself. […]”